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Applied Materials rides high on China's chip, panel ambitions

"I've never been so positive about our core businesses, and our position has never been better in our market. I am very excited about the near term and very excited about our future long term," Gary Dickerson, the U.S. company's chief executive and president. Dickerson said Applied Materials' total revenue from China will reach $2.6 billion for all of 2017, and that its semiconductor equipment sales in the country will double from 2015.

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HP Inc reports 3.6 percent rise in quarterly revenue

HP Inc reported a 3.6 percent rise in quarterly revenue, largely helped by a stabilizing PC market. However, the company's net earnings from continuing operations fell to $611 million in the first quarter ended Jan. 31, from $650 million a year earlier. The company's earnings per share from continuing operations remained flat at 36 cents. Revenue rose to $12.68 billion from $12.25 billion.

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AMD to release Ryzen in March with initial shipments to top 1 million

AMD will start selling its new Ryzen processors in early March with an initial shipment target expected to top one million units. AMD's Ryzen processors are manufactured by Globalfoundries's 14nm FinFET process and AMD is expected to release models including 1800X, 1700X and 1700, priced at US$499, US$399 and US$329, respectively.

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Tesla beats expectations, expects further growth this year

Tesla announced it saw revenue grow to $7 billion, a jump over last year’s $4.05 billion. Analysts surveyed by Bloomberg expected 2016 revenues to reach $6.85 billion. CEO Elon Musk told investors the company can hit aggressive manufacturing deadlines and expansion this year. Tesla expects to deliver the Model 3, an all-electric $35,000 sedan, and new solar roof tiles in the second half of this year.

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Contract prices of server DRAM modules to increase by 40%

The latest research by DRAMeXchange projects that contract prices of server DRAM modules will increase by almost 40% sequentially on average this first quarter. The contract market for server DRAM modules is expected to see another sequential price hike of 10% in the second quarter. By that time, the global average sales price of DDR4 16GB server DRAM may reach the threshold of US$130.

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Intel and Ericsson launch 5G innovators initiative

Ericsson and Intel Corporation are launching the 5G Innovators Initiative, an open industry initiative designed to create transformative experiences that change lives, businesses and society. The 5GI2 will join major equipment manufacturers, leading technology companies, industry leaders and top universities to explore, test and innovate with 5G network and distributed edge technologies to accelerate the adoption of 5G wireless and infrastructure innovation in the United States.

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MIT researchers built an energy-sipping power converter

Researchers from MIT have built a new power supply system designed specifically for powering electronic sensors, wireless radios and other small devices that will eventually connect the Internet of Things. While most power converters deliver a constant stream of voltage to a device, MIT's new scheme allows low-power devices to cut their resting power consumption by up to 50 percent.

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AUO undaunted by China competition, says chairman

AU Optronics is not worried by China-based competitors' government-supported fast expansion of production capacity because the Taiwan-based firm's competitiveness is in different market segments. China-based makers mainly produce panels of common specifications for use in entry-level products and/or for large-volume production, while AUO has been moving toward customized production for market-niche application.

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Flemish Government increases financial support of imec

imec and the Flemish Government announced a new, 5-year strategic commitment that aims at strengthening the pioneering role of Flanders’ renowned research hub. Imec’s annual grant has been raised to 108 million euro with extra money being invested in imec’s longer-term strategic research to consolidate its global position in advanced semiconductor R&D and digital technology and their application domains in smart health, smart cities, smart mobility, sustainable energy and Industry 4.0.

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GlobalFoundries announces availability of 45nm RF SOI

GLOBALFOUNDRIES announced the availability of its 45nm RF SOI technology offering, making GF the first foundry to announce an advanced, 300mm RF silicon solution to support next generation millimeter-wave beam forming applications in future 5G base stations and smartphones. GF’s 45RFSOI offering is the company’s most advanced RF SOI technology.

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