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Samsung, Foxconn to back cable-free phone tech

A startup backed by Tony Fadell, one of the fathers of the Apple iPod, plans to announce it is working with Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, Foxconn and others on a new way for mobile phones to transfer large amounts of data without using wires or WiFi connections. Chief Executive Eric Almgren said his Campbell, Calif.-based company called Keyssa has raised more than $100 million from Fadell and the venture arms of Samsung and Intel Corp, among others. The company’s “kiss” technology allows two computing devices to be held near each other and transfer large files such as movies in just a few seconds.

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Broadcom again topped TrendForce’s latest revenue ranking

Broadcom Limited, Qualcomm and NVIDIA respectively took first, second and third place in TrendForce’s latest ranking of the global top 10 fabless IC design houses for the second quarter of 2017. Generally, the top 10 design houses did well revenue-wise in the second quarter. Broadcom’s growth momentum is built on its ability to offer competitive and complete solutions for network infrastructure and data center applications. At the same time, Broadcom is one of the major suppliers of automotive Ethernet chips. Because of its successes in these markets, Broadcom remained the revenue leader in IC design industry in the second quarter.”

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NVIDIA to increase 12nm production for next-gen Volta GPU

AMD just released their Radeon RX Vega family of graphics cards while NVIDIA has increased production with TSMC of their new 12nm Volta based GPU’s. NVIDIA’s new Volta GPU’s will feature a 12nm process which both TSMC and NVIDIA have been ramping up together for a release of the new GPU’s in hopefully early 2018. Just recently the CEO of of NVIDIA Jen-Hsun Huang was talking to investors about NVIDIA’s next-gen GPU and he replied saying the gamers shouldn’t be expecting Volta-based GPU GeForce card until end of 2017 or perhaps even early 2018.

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Apple sets record with C$2.5 billion Maple bond market issue

Apple Inc priced its C$2.5 billion ($1.96 billion) in seven-year bonds in a Canadian-dollar-denominated issue, one of the joint book-running managers said, setting a record amount for an issuer in the Maple bond market. The deal, which also tied as the biggest corporate issue in Canada, was priced at a spread of 80 basis points over the curve, said Brad Meiers, head of debt capital markets and syndication at HSBC Securities Inc. The deal comes as the Maple bond market, which had previously been dominated by foreign banks, attracts more issuance from companies.

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Fiat Chrysler joins BMW in Intel's self-driving super group

The partnership between BMW, Intel and Mobileye for self-driving technology has lured another automaker into the fold. The group announced an agreement with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to join in the development of a semi-autonomous and fully autonomous technologies for production vehicles with the German automaker and the technology companies. It also marks a significant move for FCA in keeping pace with other automakers in the self-driving stakes.

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Candy cane supercapacitor could enable fast charging of mobile phones

Supercapacitors promise recharging of phones and other devices in seconds and minutes as opposed to hours for batteries. But current technologies are not usually flexible, have insufficient capacities, and for many their performance quickly degrades with charging cycles. Researchers at QMUL and the University of Cambridge have found a way to improve all three problems in one stroke. Their prototyped polymer electrode, which resembles a candy cane usually hung on a Christmas tree, achieves energy storage close to the theoretical limit, but also demonstrates flexibility and resilience to charge/discharge cycling.

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Cisco Systems sees sales continue to decline

Cisco Systems reported fiscal fourth-quarter results that were in line with expectations, but also suggested the networking equipment maker is still dealing with a so-called “Trump Effect” that has impacted federal government spending on high-end computing gear. After the stock market closed, Cisco said it earned $2.4 billion, or 48 cents a share, compared to a profit of $2.8 billion, or 56 cents a share, in the same period a year ago.

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Chip testing firm urges blocking rival Xcerra's sale to China fund

U.S. semiconductor testing company Cohu Inc is trying to block the sale of rival Xcerra Corp to a Chinese government-controlled fund citing national security concerns, the Wall Street Journal reported. Cohu sent its analysis of the risks related to the proposed sale to the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States. The CFIUS, a government panel that reviews acquisitions by foreign entities for potential national security risks, has cracked down on technology deals related to the semiconductor industry.

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Large wafers, complex IC designs among advanced packaging trends

The global semiconductor advanced packaging market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.45% during the period 2017-2021, according to Research and Markets. The latest trend gaining momentum in the market is changes in wafer size. The semiconductor industry has seen a drastic transition in wafer size over the last five decades. The industry is focusing on producing larger diameter wafers, which is expected to cut down the manufacturing cost by 20%-25%. According to the report, one of the other major drivers for this market is complex semiconductor IC designs.

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Foxconn tax breaks pass first hurdle in Wisconsin

A Wisconsin State Assembly committee approved a US$3 billion tax incentive package for Taiwan-based Foxconn Technology Group, the first vote in what could be an intense month of legislative action to quickly pass the massive deal. The Republican-controlled assembly’s jobs and economy committee voted 8-5 along party lines to send the bill to the full assembly, which plans to take it up tomorrow. Republican-initiated tweaks were approved that attempt to address some concerns raised by critics that the state is giving away too much to win the US$10 billion plant that could employ up to 13,000 workers.

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